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Megha’s Sinful Seven Dessert Bar – OpenOut

January 13 @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm UTC+5.5

Sugar, chocolate, beer, caramel, strawberries, liqueur and other sinful and decadent foods come together in this dessert buffet spread inspired from the 7 deadly sins.
It might be a sin, but who cares? Come indulge in this sinful spread and go to another level of bliss with the sugar high

Hell is hot – hence these desserts do need some cooling beverages to be washed down with!

What’s the harm in sinning some more when you have already sinned?

Ginger Lime soda – The classic beverage
The acidity of the lemon combined with kick of the soda acts as the best palette cleanser!

Berry smoothie
There is nothing called too many berries. And all of them blended together in one drink? I don’t want to hear more, just give me some!

Fruit punch – Fruits and more fruits – such a refreshing drink!

Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur
This creamy liqueur with a hint of alcohol serves as a perfect accompaniment to decadent desserts!

Desserts and bakes

Salted caramel and chocolate mousse ( Greed )
This perfect cups of gooey chocolate mixed with the salty kick of home made caramel can make you forget everything as you descent deeper and deeper into the greed for the delightful mousse!

Oreo Cheesecake in a jar ( Lust )
Chocolate biscuits with creamy centers all incorporated with lustful cream cheese makes for a dessert which is truly scintillating to all your senses! 😉

Chocolate Overload Brownies ( Pride )
Brownies smothered and overloaded with chocolates! Truly the pride of this spread.

Carrot cake cupcakes ( Wrath )
Unlike like the red hot anger of this beautiful dessert, this will surely calm the most angriest of person just with it’s pure luxurious taste!

Lemon yogurt pound cake ( Gluttony )
The name and the sin go hand in hand. You really can’t stop at one! This delicious pound cake with the kick of acidity by the lemon and the richness of the yoghurt makes sure you can’t stop at one!

Bailey’s Irish cream cupcakes ( Envy)
This dessert is, without doubt the envy of all the other sins in this spread! Gooey cream cupcakes sloshed over with the delightfulness of sweet Bailey’s liqueur – this
cannot be missed at all!

Ice cream with Strawberry sauce ( Sloth)
The quintessential dessert of all time- a perfect thing when you are feeling lazy and just want a quick sugar kick!

Come join me in this fun afternoon OpenOut where we sit around the table and chat around with some beer and a lot of sugar rush!

Payment link: http://imojo.in/g06xyj
More details: http://bit.ly/2CqQNw3
Email: contact@openout.in
Phone: +91-9742497111


January 13
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm