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Sharmila’s Moroccan Nights OpenOut

January 13 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm UTC+5.5

To say that I am a Foodie would be banal. I love experimenting with Cuisines around the world and “Morrocan” is one of my favorites. I am fascinated with their cooking methods using the Dry heat of charcoal ovens and the Tagine pots which use the moisture in the food, cooked over slow heat to develop the most complex and amazing flavour.

Welcome to a casual and lazy evening interspersed with experiences , stories, flavours and music from the african deserts…A time to appreciate the food and the conversations, to gather around , exchanging your stories …

Moroccan Mint Tea
North African style swet lemony tea, with a fresh bracing of Mint springs, soothing and stimulating

Water Melon Punch
Fresh and Fizzy punch of Summery Watermelon served in its own shell

Wine or Beer
And of Course everything is mundane without a chilled beer or a heady glass of wine

Lamb Tagine
Made with choice lamb shanks and the dessert flavours of potatoes, carrots, dried fruits in the complex falours of Ras-el-hanout and preserved lemons. … cooked over 3 hours on a slow fire till the succulent lamb just falls off the bone… delicuously for dipping crusty bread in or spooned over light fluffy couscous.

Vegetable Tagine
A Berber style Tagine made with Olives, Chickpeas and Root vegetables like Carrots, Potatoes and Radishes, with the sweet caramelized Tomato Peppers and Onions, enhanced with the moroccan spices and preserved lemons to give it that distinct flavour

Plain and flavoured CousCous
Plain and flavoured couscous. Can be had as an accompanyment or as a salad on its own.. pair it as you like it..

Puffy Morrocan style Pita made with Semolina

Classic moroccan lamb kebabs , marinated overnight and grilled to smokey flavours on a charcoal grill served with spicy Olive Tapenade. Can be folded into warm batbouts

Olive Tapenade
A spicy tapenade made with black Kalamata Olives, olive oil and capers, flavoured with spicy middle eastern flavours… perfect to dip the bread in or as an accompaniment to the Brochette..

All that heavyness needs to washed down with light and fruity desserts

Caremelized Figs with Icecream
A light and easy dessert with Vanilla Icecream, drizzled over with Saffroned Honey

Wash it all down with some Morrocan Mint Tea….

Limited space for 10 people..Join this experience today!

Experience link: http://bit.ly/2nFJ9Ym
Email: contact@openout.in
Phone: +91-9742497111


January 13
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm